The Undisclosed Desires in the Heart of the TARDIS


Bit by Bit
Mother Mother

Bit By Bit :: Mother Mother :: The Sticks

No, I won’t bring too much of anything
Maybe a little slicker for the rain
Maybe just a good book and a heart to break
I’ll make a mistress of a little, Wiccan thing

Bit by bit
I’m gonna get my bricks out in the sticks
Bit by bit
I’m gonna build my house in the wildest thickets
I’m gonna get away from all those miles and my shit
I’m gonna say goodbye to all the la di da di da di da di daaaaa

I’mma gettin’ on a mountain
Far away from the people on the ground yeah
So come, stick it on my wagon
Chop, chop, we’re gonna build a cabin
Up top on a pretty little mountain
Fuck off all you people on the ground, yeah